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Hello everyone! I put together a video of my PvP encounters throughout this Alpha. It is rather long so you might want to save it for a day when you are having some Albion Online withdrawal after the Alpha ends. The PvP consists mostly of Hellgates and Yellow Zone combat. Since my guild never claimed a territory, there is no GvG. I also spent a lot of my time solo while in the Red Zone which caused me to be cautious and try to avoid fighting rather than look for Albion Online Silver (not too much Red Zone in here). The video is mostly in order of how old the Alpha was (Basically, the fights get better as the video moves on 6:20 and 16:40).

I made this purely for fun and entertainment.

I am aware that I forgot to use abilities/potions in multiple scenarios (Especially the Plate Aura as I only played with that for about a day before I reforged).

There is a small amount of profanity in the Chat, Music, and TeamSpeak.

I have my recording program running almost the entire time I am playing so that is how I caught some clips such as when I was semi-AFK (nothing was set up).

​I wasn’t sure how to best make this video so it is comprised of mostly music and then some TeamSpeak moments etc… I tried my best to add a variety so hopefully there is something in there for everyone. If you don’t like the music blame Germany… seriously haha, they blocked many of the songs I wanted to use in the video. You could play your own music and mute the video but you will miss out on some funny moments at Intro, ~11:45, and ~15:45.

Honorable Mentions (Not in Video)

Nilfgaard Hellgate - This was the only fight we lost in a Hellgate all Alpha. We did not have our best geared person with us for that run but they set up a really nice trap and caught us all so well played by them.

Hammer and Sickle – We fought for another guild once in a GvG and then the enemy guild got H&S to fight for them. We got slaughtered as it was our first GvG experience and learned quite a bit.

KidBengala – We had a pretty fun/interesting cat and mouse chase in which he eventually got me. I wanted to add this to the video but even at 300% speed it was just way too long.

Tasos – Active and friendly guild member but not in any of the scenes (He is more of a crafter).

Garrock – For going on silly adventures and entertaining me when I was bored with Albion Online Gold.

Gerald – Gave me all his stuff for the last couple days of Alpha.

Epic Key Giveaway

To have a chance at winning the Epic Key which I won by participating in Beginners Video Guide Competition go to my Twitter @iBloodSphere and Re-Tweet my video and throw me a follow. I recently deleted all of my tweets because I want this Twitter to be mostly for gaming related things such as this. I will then select a winner at random (guess you will have to trust me on this?) and send the key through direct message on Twitter. I will select the winner on August 1st. I will gladly answer and questions if there are any. 

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